News, business, technology and information internet portal. Includes links to a variety of news resources from multiple political sides. Biggz goal is to be a neutral site and not promote any political ideology. is written in barebones html with limited graphics for fast loading and navigation. Life is full of questions, the internet is full of information.


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Information Links

Wikipedia - Encyclopedia edited by the people.

Answers - User generated questions and answers, search reference resources.

YouTube - search user submitted videos


Weather - forecasts, radar and reports

Lean In - Site focusing on women to meet, share and learn.

Christian - Text of the Holy Bible, information and links.


Microsoft - brain of the pc

Download - freeware & trialware

Computing Dictionary

Cisco - internet networking equipment

NameCheap - internet domain registrar

Technology News




PC Magazine

PC World

Network World

News Radio

Rush Limbaugh

Pat Buchanan

Don Imus

Glenn Beck

Public TV & Radio

C-SPAN - Commercial-free video and radio coverage of the government. C-SPAN is a private, non-profit company, created in 1979. Their mission is to provide public access to the political process. C-SPAN receives no government funding; operations are funded by fees paid by cable and satellite affiliates who carry C-SPAN programming.

NPR - National Public Radio

PBS (Public Broadcast Systems) - Varies allot depending where you live. Not many political shows, but can be a good place for an independent point of view.

News Aggregators





Topix - local

Bing - local

Political News

The Hill

National Journal Congress Daily

Congressional Quarterly Politics


USA Today

Washington Post

Lexington Herald-Leader

Financial Times

Washington Examiner


New York Times

News/Political Satire

The Daily Show - Jon Stewart hosts The Daily Show Monday thru Thursday on Comedy Central.

Ray Stevens - Country music and political comedy.

The People`s Cube - The real opinions of progressive liberals, from the point of view of a former propaganda artist for the Soviet Union.

Science Fiction

Star Wars - science fiction movie series

The Outer Limits - 1960s and 1990s science fiction television series.


Keith Olbermann - Olbermann on ESPN2 and/or ESPNews - Major League Baseball Blog - Twitter


Whitney Pastorek

News on Internet

Washington Independent

Talking Points Memo

US News & World Report




Wonk Blog

CNet - technology, law & politics

Daily Kos


The Young Turks


Drudge Report

SCOTUSblog - Supreme Court Of The United States Blog

People, News on Internet

Nate Silver`s FiveThirtyEight Blog

Ann Coulter

Dylan Ratigan

Over-The-Air Broadcast News

ABC News - Wholesome family-friendly network, owned by the Walt Disney company.

CBS News

NBC Today Show - Soft morning news program, like all the others on major networks. I have seen some very good serious interviews and stories online.

People, TV News

Rachel Maddow

Alex Wagner

Al Sharpton

Sean Hannity

Bill O`Reilly

John Stossel

Shepard Smith

Greta Van Susteren

Diane Sawyer

Dan Rather

George Stephanopoulos

Global Media

Fox News

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